Photos of our products

The products made by MKF-Schimanski-Ergis include rigid PET and PVC films and PET/PE and PVC/PE laminates. MKF-Schimanski-Ergis has been appreciated by customers in many European countries as a manufacturer of high-quality rigid films and their laminates intended for the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

The PVC and PET films and their laminates offered by MKF-Schimanski-Ergis are certified for contact with food products (fresh and frozen), pharmaceuticals (including pills and capsules), medical equipment, hygiene products, and technical products.

PVC films and laminates are made of polyvinyl chloride using the calendering method, in appropriate technical and hygiene conditions; as a result, PVC films and laminates are highly resistant to mechanical damage and moisture.

PET films and laminates are made of polyethylene terephthalate using the three-layer cast method; as a result, the film has appropriate physical and mechanical properties and meets the hygiene requirements applicable to films intended for use in food and technical packaging.

Both PET and PVC films and their laminates are made in different widths, packages, and colors, depending on the customers' preferences.