Company profile

We are part of the ERGIS Group, which comprises modern and innovative entities engaged in the processing of plastics in Central and Eastern Europe. We are a leading supplier of film to produce of packaging for food, pharmaceutical and technical industries. We offer a wide range of products made of PVC, PET and PET/PE films, and create comprehensive solutions for our customers in the form of laminates and coating films.  For many years now, the Company's key concern has been to identify customers’ expectations, which are then implemented as individual projects. Our research and development team constantly works on improving products already on offer. We have built our success for many years by consistently relying on top quality products and making sure that our production is tailored to customer’s needs.


Our factories, which produce films and laminates rigid films:

  • MKF-ERGIS Sp. z o.o. with registered office in Wąbrzeźno
  • MKF-Schimanski-Ergis GmbH with registered office in Berlin